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Introducing TUV Sued

Introducing TUV Sued

TUV Sued is present in over 800 locations worldwide. Hereby the company focuses on Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia Pacific. In these locations the organization offers services such as inspection and certification of industrial plants, the testing of consumer products, auditing and certification of management systems and car inspections. Since 2009 TUEVTUEK a member of the TUV Sued organization, has also taken charge of vehicle inspections in Turkey.

The roots of TUV Sued go back to 1866. After a serious accident in Mannheim, Germany the first steam boiler association was founded. The purpose of the new organization was to protect people, environment and property against technology related risks. Following the founding of this new kind of business organization, other inspection associations were established all over Germany.

Nevertheless, it took many decades and the joining with many other smaller organizations before TUV Sued was finally created and it is presently the largest TUEV organization. In the last decades the company went international to further grow into new markets. Hereby the organization acquired companies around the world like the PSB Group in Singapore for example. In 2016 TUV Sued celebrated its 150th anniversary.


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