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Introducing SGS

Introducing SGS

Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) is presently the biggest Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) company on the globe.  Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland and the company has in operation more than 1800 offices worldwide. There are 85,000 employees handling services in almost every country of the world.

SGS was founded in 1878 in Rouen, France and started business with inspecting ships arriving in Rouen. The new company offered a service to inspect and verify goods regarding their quantity and quality. This business idea proved to be a goldmine because the company expanded in its first year to other ports in Le Havre, Dunkirk and Marseilles.

Later on the SGS headquarters moved to Paris where it stayed until 1915. During the First World War, the company moved its headquarters to its present location in Switzerland. From this location during the 20th century the company has spread its business to many new sectors, including industrial, minerals, oil, gas and chemical. In 1981 the TIC company went public.


General Instruction of SGS:


SGS’s Highlights of 2015:

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