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In Search of Quality

About the Book

In Search of Quality addresses key questions

3d-book-cover-quality-best-sellerIn Search of Quality addresses key questions about quality — everywhere. Quality affects everything in our lives:  accounting, standardization, production, product development, internet, media, government, non-governmental organizations and trade — the list goes on and on. Quality is everywhere and affects everyone on this planet. Especially in today’s competitive world, nobody can afford to ignore this important area.

buynow-from-amazon - In Search of Quality - Ronald Kolb

  • Is your company involved in selling quality?
  • Do your products have to fulfil quality criteria?
  • Is it difficult for you to understand quality professionals?
  • Do you want to understand more about the business of quality?

If so, you might be in search of quality.

Many people fear the consequences of quality measures and have difficulties understanding this truly unique business — a business that is not appreciated by everyone.

In exploring the history of quality, this book provides fascinating knowledge about the major developments of quality and its business. And . . . it shows that quality is anything but boring, by highlighting some of the quality challenges people and organizations faced over the years. Those challenges were often reported in the media as quality scandals, but after the media lost interest, were often quickly forgotten. However, they do have a common core that connects technologies, people, organization and scandals.

This book explores that connection in fascinating detail.



buynow-from-amazon - In Search of Quality - Ronald Kolb

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