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Ronald Kolb

About the Author

Ronald Kolb in the Profession of Quality

Roland Kolb - Author

Quality can be found everywhere. This knowledge shaped Ronald Kolb’s professional career all over the globe, especially during the astonishing development of Asia’s economy. Asia lifted its economic class to become the world’s main manufacturing centre.

After beginning in Indonesia, Ronald Kolb lived and worked in Taiwan, China and India, gaining experience in three of the most populated countries of the world. During the fast development of the continent, quality played a major role.

The author experienced the industrial development from several sides. Products produced needed to be certified and their factories needed to be audited against international standards. Ronald Kolb also gained experience by both being profit-loss responsible for divisions in several countries and as a Global Representative for Quality. Besides experiences in the field of Quality Management, Product Certification, Safety Testing and Laboratory Accreditations, he was involved in the certification of hotels and the organization of 3rd party inspections. 

Since Ronald Kolb moved to Hong Kong he has been engaged in developing and managing quality-assurance divisions for trading companies, where the increasing quality demands of the First-World countries created huge challenges.

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